Our four-legged

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Alix's Fosters Kitten Rescue

“Kittens are angels with whiskers.” - Alexis Flora Hope

Cats change

our lives.

We're on a mission

to change theirs.

Our Mission at Alix's Fosters is to improve the lives of displaced cats and kittens and reduce the feral cat populations in the Tri-Cities area and other bordering states by socializing and placing abandoned neonates (where mom is not an option) & unwanted kittens for adoption into forever homes.

Alix's Fosters was founded in 2017 by Alix Dobbs and registered as 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2023 (applications in process).

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How We Help

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Animal Rescue

We take requests to rescue and recover any cat roaming our streets. We also assist surrounding states who provide transport, by taking in their kittens when they need help.

Veterinary Services

With your donations, our local veterinarian is able to provide preventative care & treatment (health exams, COMBO testing, first vaccines and spay & neuter) to the cats & kittens we rescue.

We offer classes and advice on kitten care. We also enjoy providing pet therapy to Nursing Homes.

We help our rescues find their forever homes, through our application process which includes a meet & greet with the potential adoptable friend. Also visit us at local Adoption events.


Our mission at Alix's Fosters is to not only save the lives of cats and kittens in the Tri-Cities area and in surrounding states, but to also educate the community in order to further expand awareness and knowledge in a variety of areas related to cat and kitten rescue and care.

We also offer classes and training to other local rescues ​on specific skills like tube feeding, like what is pictured here.

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Adoption Events

In the coming week, we will participate in our first Vendor/Adoption Event. We would love for our followers to drop by and visit.

At these events we will have kittens currently available for adoption and provide education on TNR and kitten rescue in general. We will also have a small selection of Alix’s Fosters merchandise available for sale, which goes towards allowing us to continue our mission.

September 23, 2023 - Chester, VA

O’So Chic

11356 Iron Bridge Rd, Chester, VA 23831

Pet Therapy

On, September 14, 2023, a small dream of mine became a reality. Our first kitten therapy session took place at an assisted living facility in Short Pump, Virginia. The residents and staff couldn’t have been more HAPPY to see and interact with the kittens. And the kittens benefited from the socialization as well.

I’ve done extensive research on the topic of pet therapy and 99% of the time all I found was programs for dogs. Cat’s have been proven thru extensive studies that they can improve the mental health of patients in all settings, from hospitals, nursing homes, and even special needs facilities.

We’ve been invited back to make this an ongoing event for the facility. We are hoping to expand this to other facilities in the area.

If you manage a nursing home, assisted living or even a special needs facility and would like to us to bring this to you, reach out to us on our facebook page or by email: alixsfosters@gmail.com

How Can You Help?

There are countless ways you can help us in our mission to save kittens. You can make a donation (however big or small), join our fundraiser events, purchase foster merchandise, and adopt a new family member today.


A few times a year, we will publish an order form for a limited edition T-Shirt/Sweatshirt available for purchase on our Facebook Page. For every piece of merchandise you purchase, 20% of the cost is absorbed back into the rescue.

All of our merchandise is made to order, so please be patient with us. 90% of orders will be shipped out within a 2-3 week time frame.


Donations (however big or small) is what keeps this rescue operational.

Donations can be made via Cash, Cash App, Zelle, Venmo, or Paypal.

We also accept donations of necessities (wet food, litter, toys, etc.) from our Amazon Wishlist.

Monetary Donations

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Venmo: @alexandria-dobbs-1

Cash App: @alixdobbs

PayPal: adobbs8300@gmail.com

Zelle: adobbs8300@gmail.com


If you know of a abandoned kitten that could use our help, please email us at: alixsfosters@gmail.com.

In your email please include the following information:

  • location of the cat (if you have a specific address, perfect)
  • your contact information
  • the number of kittens who need to be trapped, and
  • whether the mother is present or even if there is a pregnant mother.

If you have any questions or need advice concerning the care of a cat or kitten, please email us at: alixsfosters@gmail.com or message us on our facebook page @ alixsfosters.

Meet Our Rescue Leaders

Alix Dobbs

Alix is the founder and President of Alix's Fosters.

Alix had always wanted a cat from the time she was around 6 years old, but her father wouldn't let her have one due to him being allergic. Her obsession with kitten rescue, she now blames on him.

When not rescuing, caring for, and meeting potential adopters, Alix is busy being a mom of 3, working in the cardiac unit at the local hospital, providing photography services to local families and volunteering with the local fire and EMS.


Jackson "Jack" is the reason Alix's Fosters came to furition.

Jackson is named after Alix's favorite singer, Alan Jackson and went by "Jack" for short. He was adopted from the pound the month after Alix graduated from high school in 2006. Alix swears to this day "I didn't pick him, he picked me" As her story goes, when she walked by his cage, he stuck out his paw and grabbed her shirt. She immediately stopped, turned and said "I want him".

Jack was Alix's rock through the loss of her mother, a marriage followed by divorce, three children and so many more important life events.

In 2017, Alix started bringing in kittens to assist. Jack was by her side the whole time; he was so tolerant of all the little kittens and didnt have an aggressive bone in his body.

Jack crossed the rainbow bridge in February 2022 at the ripe old age of 16 after a short battle with cancer.

"He made me fall in love with rescue" - Alix


Shelby is Alix's 10 year old daughter and kitten extraordinaire.

Shelby started working alongside her mom, learning basic care when she was 4, such as helping with baths and de-fleaing the kittens during Dawn baths. When Shelby was a little older and became a master at basic care, she would take on tasks such as bathing and drying them unattended as well as bottle-feeding and assisting her mother with tube feedings. While Alix works nights at the hospital, Shelby voluntarily takes on full care of the kittens, including setting her alarm every 3 hours to feed them. In the last year she has become a master at the correct settings for the incubator and drawing up medications.

When not caring for the kittens, Shelby will most likely be found at the gym, where she is a competitive gymnast.


Olivia is Alix's 9 year old daughter, kitten cuddler, and social butterfly.

Olivia started working alongside her mom, learning basic care when she was 6, such as helping with baths and drying them afterwards. Olivia is always willing to help socialize and play with the kittens; she has a keen eye for keeping them out of trouble or eating something they shouldn't be while they freely roam the house. All the kittens love for Olivia to rock them to sleep and provide cuddles. She also assists in all cares upon request.

When not playing with the kittens, Olivia is a avid Harry Potter fan and attends Girl Scouts meetings.


Adopting a cat can be one of the best decisions of your life, but it is also a life-long commitment. Here are a few kittens that were adopted from us. They are now flurishing in their new homes with their loving families

"When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction."

-Mark Twain

Pheonix & Kahuna

Phoenix and Kahuna were adopted as a pair in April 2023 by Cherise in San Diego, California.

Pheonix & Kahuna settled into their new home in less than a half hour. They share it with 5 kitty brothers and 1 kitty sister, whom welcomed them with open paws. Pheonix and his new brother Thor have become the greatest of friends; their favorite past time is to play chase. Kahuna prefers to watch the action and join in on his own time.

Dorie (Mary)

Dorie was adopted in September 2022 by Sarah, in Mechanicsville Virginia.

Dorie shares her home with 3 fur siblings, which she adores. Her personality is described as spunky and wild mixed with a lot of cuddle-bug. She has a mighty purr and enjoys snuggles on the regular.

Lil Bit & Mr. Bob

Lil Bit and Mr. Bob were adopted in June 2022 by Jess, in Kittery, Maine.

Lil Bit and Bob share their home with a puppy sibling. Lil Bit (aka Bit Bit) loves giving kisses, playing fetch, and wrestling with his brother. Mr. Bob (aka Bob Tuna) loves to snuggle and wrestle with his brother.

Sharkie & Skipper

Sharkie & Skipper were adopted in 2022, by Penny in Glen Allen, Virginia.

Sharkie & Skipper share a home with their human mom and dad, as well as three dog sisters.

Sharkie is his brothers protector. He loves playing in boxes and with toys. Sharkie is always up for a belly rub and prefers to sleep between mom and dad's pillows. He rarely meows, yet his purr is quite noticeable.

Skipper is his dad's best buddy. He secretly thinks he's one of the dogs, so fetch is his favorite game. Mom constantly has to get me off her counter, cause he is a foodaholic.


Doodle was adopted in August 2022 by Amanda, in Mechanicsville Virginia.

Doodle shares her home with her kitty brother Zeb. She has the sweetest personality and never turns down cuddle time. She talks a lot and loves to play with toys.